Friday, November 18, 2011


this is from a couple of weeks ago but i couldn't resist.
she is way too cute to not get this pic on!
obviously this is PS (pre-snow).

the tickle monster makes her appearance.
baby giggles are the best!

first snowman of the season...
definitely won't be the last.

first real snowfall of the season too!
find me a child that doesn't do this at least once a year?

being the nerdy mom i am, i took my girls to the museum.
we had lots of fun!
it's awesome to come here year after year and see some of the same exhibits from when i was a child.
so nostalgic for me!
here we are, pretending to be crewmen on the Nonsuch boat!

this is the same boat, but on the outside of it, naturally.
those are some freaky deaky eyes on my kids!

of course we had to check out the science exhibit.
b/c, you know, we're so sciency.

 can you tell it's movember here?!?!

we also tried a cool science project...
you know, b/c we're so sciency?
we made ice cream... in a bag.
it was SO yummy!
although the recipe hardly made a cup.

no school = crafting day!
can i resist anything that's owly?
i don't think so!

of course you need to get some good make-up techniques done on crafting day.
i have such girly girls!
i wonder where they get it from?!

ok, we also attempted this play clay recipe.
it was kind of a fail.
really messy and stainy.
is stainy a word?  i don't think so.

new sock bun curls on pinterest?
well, didn't work for me.
but the before pic is kinda cute... if you're into ballet!

an awesome snow run!!!

eye doctor visit.
she did great!!

that's it!!

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Mandy said... the owl craft! i am a huge fan of owls too!