Wednesday, December 14, 2011

grace on a wednesday

lately, i've been in particular need of God's grace.
the tough days seem to just meld into one long stretch as of late.
yes, we've had a quite a few of these rough days lately.
you know the drill.
too much rushing around...
too many scheduled events...
too many deadlines...
too many burdens...
too many hurts...
too many this...
too many that.
i've had a few moments where i feel the need to flee.
then, reality sets in, and i know that this is the life i've chosen.
life is busy.
yes, it is.
i feel overwhelmed at the exhaustion of it all.
i have little patience and a multitude of embarrassingly short tempered moments.
between the yelling, the crying and the complete gong show (and that's just ME), i want to give up.
i am a failure.
oh yes, mom guilt.
actually, maybe it's just human guilt.
there it is.
it's messy.
life is not perfect.
far from it.
luckily there is some saving grace.
grace from God.
oh sweet grace!
it's the only thing that gives me comfort.
when i'm feeling my lowest, drowning in a sea of self doubt, self loathing and pitying...
i just look up.
my Saviour is there, offering me the best gift.... grace.
i certainly don't deserve it and yet it's freely given.
i don't have to be perfect.
i can't be.
i will fail, time and time again.
but His grace will NOT fail me.
He will lovingly restore me and fill me back up.
oh how i need that grace.
the grace of Jesus.
it doesn't make my multiple wrongs right.
i still need to be challenged to change my stubborn ways.
but that grace brings peace to my soul.
and hopefully, with every bit of grace i willingly receive, i can give it to others.
sweet, sweet grace.

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Leslie @ top of the page said...

beautiful post, lady. and thanks for your sooo sweet comment the other day. i do my grace on a thursday series so that i can keep reminding MYSELF of how much grace i need and have available to me. 'cause otherwise the guilt can really win! good job :) you are lovely, and so are your pretty ladies!!!