Monday, December 5, 2011


our first snowfall came a couple of weeks ago already but it seems our girls have been waiting forever for the white stuff.
once it arrived, they were happy as can be!
first instinct?
to eat it, naturally.
no waiting on mommy to tell them if it's clean or not.
particularly, this one has a penchant for eating the white stuff.
of course the older two have taught her well.

for some, me included, the snow means less time outdoors.
how quickly can i get back inside a toasty warm home?
how fast can i pile my groceries in the vehicle to be out of the cold?
but for these three?
how efficiently they can put on their snow attire, ready to tackle a blanket of white.
the cold does not bother them.
it's magical.
and fun.
and a new adventure awaiting to be explored.
fresh and new.
something beautiful.
these girls teach me new things every day.
stop where you are.
enjoy the moment.
be thankful for what's right in front of you.
jump for joy for the simplest of pleasures!
thank you Lord for snow!

1 comment:

love said...

so sweet! your girls are precious.

[the owl mug is from west elm.] =)