Monday, April 23, 2012

my life right now, brought to you by instagram

having an iphone is fun.
it's frivolous too.
but one of the things i like most about it?
the fact that it's my mini little camera.
couple that with the lovely app, instagram...
and you're loaded with lots of great photos.
here's a sneak peak into my life the past couple of weeks...

the weather's getting nicer and nicer...
and even on cooler days, as long as the sun in shining, it's always warm on the deck.
nap time for little one, means mommy and daughter time for #2.
soaking up the rays with our bare feet.

and... she awakes!
and takes my breath away with her sweetness!
(yes, she IS this innocent... in pictures... that's what i'm trying to capture)
shopping with my pal at forever 21 always calls for changing room pics.
jumpsuits in acid wash?
yes, please!

and sushi for supper afterward?
um, yeah!
is that even a question?

finished the book last week...
was able to see the movie 2 days later.
as it was fresh in my mind.
best. idea. ever.

sushi again?
this time with big k.
sushi is her all time fav food.
remember this? (scroll down to the last picture)
i picked her up for lunch from school and we had a little mommy daughter date.
i love the one on one time.

dance recital weekend...
it was a success.
busy and crazy and stressful?
yes, but also so awesome to see my girls dance their little hearts out.
i just adore watching them dance.
so much fun!
here they are with their cousins who came to watch them.

this year the dance studio decided to hold the recital in a larger venue, in a nearby city (much larger than our small town).
it was such a good idea.
not only was there only 1 performance (instead of the usual 2) but it was held in a historical heritage building downtown.
love these old buildings...
and i happened to catch a shot of my reflection in one of the old doors.
yup... i'm carrying the costumes on my arm!
dance mom on the move... outta my way!!

celebrating a job well done the next day with, you guessed it...
a manitoba tradition!
for we are the "slurpee capital of the world!!!"

packing piles...
brings me a wave of excitement and dread (for leaving the girls).
need i say more?

reading with my baby.
one of hers and my favorite things to do.
an easy indulgence... who cares if supper is a 1/2 an hour later?

the new obsession in our family?
it's awesome!
i'm trying desperately hard to remember all the rhymes and games i did as a child.
google is helping refresh my memory.
any help from you?
my little ballerina princess is trying to skip...
to no avail.
but she sure looks cute trying!

we'll just do some cuddling then.
that always works out well.
snotty, dirty face and all.

and finally...
another obsession in our family, frozen planet.
we LOVE watching these kind of documentaries/shows with the girls.
this one is highly recommended if you liked planet earth, etc.
i LOVE discovery channel!!

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Elissa said...

acid wash jumpsuits-- so awesome :)