Wednesday, June 20, 2012

one at a time?

ok, instead of feeling overwhelmingly overwhelmed...
i thought i'd just start posting random pics of our trip every so often.
with a little blurb...
so here goes:

this is a random street in florence...
and just a fact, most of the streets looked exactly like this.
exactly what you think they'd look like.
so quaint and cute!
and there were always a TON of scooters and bicycles!
not every road was accessible by car, i think they have a lot of strict rules about cars in certain areas.
but if you saw a car, it was most likely very small in size.
and if it was driving by you... it was going fast.
very fast.
oh, and honking.

bikes were EVERYWHERE.
i know this is just a european thing but i'm serious.
there were hoards of bikes... and they all looked so cute too.
so i just started to snap pictures of them.
this is just one shot of probably a hundred.
i'm hoping to make a little collage of all the bicycle pics i took.
this one was pretty... a nice shade of blue similar to my cruiser bike here at home.
now i just need a little old basket on the front of mine to match!

ooooh... the gelati!
seriously... every block there was a little gelati shop.
you'd always see people walking around with those little cups and eating from a tiny spoon.
and no lie, it tasted just as beautiful as it looked.
my favorite flavors... coconut and lemon!

that's all for now, folks!  :)


Elissa said...

oh the gelati! love the pics! Can't wait to see more!!

Corrie Anne said...

how exciting. love the bicycles.