Thursday, June 7, 2012


i've been thinking lately.
thinking about where God wants me.
i confess i haven't been very good at trying to listen to His direction as of late.
perhaps it's because i've been trying to plan things on my own.
thinking, "i can do this... just gotta keep plugging away... minding my own business... doing my own thing."
not giving Him much thought in my schedule.
a few things have been falling through for me...
giving me a feeling of defeat.
feeling like He doesn't know what my heart desires.
i know it isn't true.
i know that He loves me and directs my paths.
but i can't help feeling frustrated right now.
and wondering why i'm dealing with these unexpected bumps.
i don't have any real answers.
just wanted to say that this is what i'm dealing with right now.
i have hope that some encouragement will be around the corner...
just when and where, i don't know.
but these kinks in my life do one thing well...
point me in the direction i should have been going all along.
sometimes i just need a little help... need a little compass.
(photos taken near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland)

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