Tuesday, June 12, 2012

yeah, remember that day...

that i was feeling down?
well, God knew what He was doing.
(like He obviously always does!)
He used some special people in my life to encourage me.
i was in a funk for a couple of days, a few other things were thrown my way to drag me down.
but then, unexpectedly, i saw God's love for me, SO evident in those around me.
came home after dropping kids off at school friday morning and my dear friend came to see me.
she's keenly aware of my mood, almost eerily she knows when something's not right.
she knows me too well!
that... or maybe i just give it away too easily?
ha ha!
anyway, she dropped by... knew i needed a hug and some words.
they were salve to me.
ointment to my bruised soul.
ah yes... those helped.
they helped a lot!
then i get inside my house... go to get ready for the day.
i open up my bathroom cabinet, only to find a lovely and unexpected hand written note from my main squeeze.
so sweet and thoughtful... he didn't even know what i had been dealing with that morning.
he wrote it out before i even woke for the day.
isn't God amazing like that?
i wept and thanked God for those two reminders.
He is good.
you see... i don't show my emotions too often.
i like to bottle them up... put on a chipper face and press forward.
i mean really... do all my problems even equal out to what other's are dealing with?
maybe not in our own minds.
but that's not fair to God.
He cares about everything in our lives.
from the tiniest detail, to the biggest crisis.
He wants to know about us.
He wants to heal our hearts.
He wants to dry our tears... simply said, He wants us to let our tears out!
He cares about each one.
so why do we put Him in a box thinking He doesn't care about the little stuff?
He does... and He wants to show you He does.
and lucky us... He often uses the people around us to show us His never-ending, unconditional love and care.
He comes alongside us and loves us just like we need to be loved.
i feel so incredibly blessed when He does do that.
thank you Jesus!

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