Thursday, September 13, 2012

my birthday "gifts"

birthdays are funny for me!
everyone loves to feel special, appreciated and thought of, right?
i am no exception.
i love people... love being with people... love being social.
but make me the centre of attention... and i'm caught like a deer in headlights.
it makes me feel uncomfortable and weird.
that makes me laugh even writing that out because it probably doesn't make sense to many.

so birthdays, for me personally, can be kinda awkward.
i like the attention, to some degree, but also feel strange and unsure of myself.
i'm like an extroverted introvert.
look at me!
i'm labelling myself.
does it sound like i need a counsellor or something?
oh man.
all this to say, is that this year's birthday had it's own mix of excitedness (is that a word?), unsuredness (another spell check word), and a lot of blessings!
i was able to see a lot of special people throughout the day.
spending time with my wonderful family and good friends.
even a couple of unexpected surprises were thrown in!
each and every person i saw, spoke with, texted with, and communicated with, made me feel unique and of worth.
those words that i heard and read were, honestly, the greatest of gifts to me.
i think i've realized i'm a "words of affirmation" kinda girl.
i know this because even now, a couple of days later, i keep re-reading all those wishes, thoughts, blessings and thanks...
and they are giving me life and vitality.
they touch and heal my heart like salve.
don't get me wrong, i was gifted some wonderful and thoughtful items too!
the people in my life know me well and i received some beautiful items.
just a few of my birthday presies...
of course, i couldn't pass up an opportunity to take some shots of my bike gift from two years ago WITH it's new accessory...
a new wicker basket!!

isn't it the cutest now?!
i mean, it was adorbs before...
but now it's super duper cute.
it's just missing a bottle of red wine and a baguette, non?
and since i'm on the french kick...
le piece de resistance...
my new coffee table!!!!

i like to call it "modern industrial country chic".
remember, i'm into labelling!
and if you can believe it... my husband MADE it!!!!!!!!!!
yes, my lovely, dearest spouse put it together with his own hands.
i was extremely surprised and so thrilled.
it was my idea for a long, long time to make one of these pallet tables myself.
thank you pinterest for never-ending ideas... and not enough time!
but, of course, i didn't actually make the time or effort to create one.
it was just another item on the long "creative to-do list".
imagine how my face lit up when i realized my husband made it for me!
how sweet!
it's perfect for our home and i LOVE it!

there you have it... my list of birthday gifts...
and, like i said, the highest on the list... all the words i received from loved ones.
God knows me and loves me well!


bandofbrothers said...

i love your coffee table so so much. it's perfect.

and i'm JUST like you with bdays. I hate being the center of attention. what is wrong with us? haha. i think for me i just have to learn to graciously and humbly accept the attention....because i know how blessed i am when i am able to lavish that kind of attention on my friends!

happy bday!

Elissa said...

loving those gifts!
that coffee table is awesome! And the bike... seriously so cute... i can't stop smiling. I would only allow pretty things in the basket if it were me :)

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