Saturday, September 8, 2012

the third is three!

today is my baby's third birthday.
obviously i've been expecting this day but now it's here and i don't know how to feel.
on one hand, i'm sad and nostalgic and weepy.
my little baby is growing up.
she's clearly NOT a baby anymore but a little girl.
there's a big part of me that wants to go back in time and rock her tiny little warm body up close to me.
i want to stroke her face while she nurses and treasure those late night feeds.
i want to dress my little baby girl up in teeny weeny dresses and sleepers.
i want to swaddle her and sing her a lullaby.
i want to never forget how she was when she was small, when she was young.
but on the other hand, it's so much fun to see how she's aging.
she's becoming a big girl... right before my eyes!
as most third kids do, she's getting into older things at a younger age on account of her big sisters.
which means her baby stage wasn't as long as the others' baby stages.
she wants to do everything her self and wants to do everything everyone else does.
no matter that she's now only three!
it's a joy to see her exploring and discovering her world.
she loves life and lives it to the fullest.
she's a happy girl, laughs a lot, but she has a temper (what 3 year old doesn't?).
she's a busy girl, moving quickly from one activity to the next.
she's an affectionate girl, loves to give hugs and kisses and cuddles.
she talks a mile a minute about anything and everything.
my mom always says she's just like a little stephie.
i like hearing that.
now that my older two are in full time school, it's just me and her at home most days.
she's my little sidekick!
so, no... she's not a baby anymore... but that doesn't mean i can't treasure this stage.
i can still love on her all i want... spoil her (she is my baby)... and thank God for who she is and who she's becoming.
and luckily... she still loves to have me sing her lullabys!
happy third birthday, sweet baby h!!!
you're the blessing we didn't know we needed until you graced us with your presence!
may you always look to Jesus to guide and protect you!
we love you more than you know!


ginger said...

happy birthday little h! we love you so incredibly much! you are THE cutest little girl ever and you make us laugh so hard by your enthusiasm, your toughness (you're one tough cookie!) and your giggles! have a super special bday! we'll see you in a few hours!

bandofbrothers said...

she is JUST adorable. my baby is now 3 too. sniff. but he's short and squishy and still acts like a toddler. haha. love it. i think 2 and 3 year old are absolutely adorable. and a lot easier than babies!