Wednesday, September 26, 2012

randomness on a wednesday...

just wanted to write out a few new things.

my littlest!
oh, how i just love her.
maybe it's because she's the baby of the family, but i just can't get enough hugs and snuggles from her.
lucky me, because she actually is a bit of a cuddler (nothing like #2, however MUCH more than #1).
i just want to remember how she is r.i.g.h.t. n.o.w.
how she uses 'my' in replace of 'i' when she speaks ("can my have some?").
how she always wants to wear a dress or skirt.
how she puts her shoes on the wrong feet.
how she sucks on her finger anytime she feels satin (even on the tag of her carseat!).
how she is so excited about dance class... doing her first 'rainbow' position and doing the splits all the time.
how she asks for me to sing her to sleep.  every. single. night.
how her perfect little lips have the perfect little pout!
she's such a little joy in my life and i'm so glad i get my days at home with her now that the older two are in full time school.
what a blessing!
another blessing...
my new coffee machine!!!!!
ain't she pretty?!
i honestly am in LOVE with this thing.
is it possible to want to adopt this machine into our real family.
like go to the judge and ask him to add her to our health insurance?
yes, it's a her.
she is lovely.
and sleek.
and a workhorse.
i am smitten.
her liquid is strong and smooth and reminds me of the java in italy.
what a way to start a morning, huh?

in other news... my husband got to see peyton manning this past weekend.
he went to see his beloved texans play the broncos.
is it strange that he took picture after picture of men... 
working out...
and jamming to their music?
i'm trying not to be weirded out.
he had a great time... so i guess that's all that matters?

while he was away and i was single parenting...
numero uno and i went to a race.
it was her 2nd 5k! 
this time we ran with another one of my good friends and her little daughter.
the weather was cool but great for a race.
it was a fun time!
i really hope to continue racing with big k... and then with little k and baby h in the future!
and last but not least...
i start SCHOOL tonight!
yes, school.
i am taking an early childhood education course, paid for by the preschool i work at 1 day/week.
it should be interesting.
and i'm crossing my fingers the workload won't be too bad.
hopefully we'll just get to color, make crafts and play dress up all the time?
one can hope, right?
(this was up on the whiteboard in our preschool staff room to give us encouragement during the first week of school)


bandofbrothers said...

your youngest is completely adorable. i feel the same way about my youngest! so i completely understand!

those athletes are huge!

so impressed that you run! my knees can't handle it because i have loose ligaments. wahhhh.

even more impressed that you are going back to school! i want to take spanish.

bandofbrothers said...
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ginger said...

oh boy... that baby h of yours is TOO friggen cute for her own good! i love her little pout too.... she is sweetness all around! and way to go for taking an ECE course! i hope it goes well and that you have NO homework!! (just lots of coloring and crafts! lol!)

Elissa said...

haha... loved this post. Loved the water fountain picture... and the commentary on the male photos :) Have fun in class... hopefully you can get a little colouring in :)

Jodie Hartung said...

you are oh so special, my dear! Next time I randomly turn up, I'll make sure I am uncaffeinated and could use a dose! That's a promise!
I enjoy your words and the delight I feel when I read them.

Carey King said...

So awesome, I love running amoung other sports and it must be so awesome to have your daughter love the sport too:)

Danielle said...

Your youngest is a little doll! <3 Great job on your run! And I really, really want that coffee maker!!!! hahaha! ;)