Wednesday, November 28, 2012

fall party decor

some friends and i threw an awesome (yes, i'm biased) blessings shower for someone special.
we had a grand time planning, prepping, and prettifying everything!
and isn't it just more fun as women to go all out with decorating?
if you're a man, your idea of decorating simply means putting your dirty socks that were lying on the floor into the hamper.
but... as a woman...
oh, the possibilities are endless!
i love being a woman for this reason and i'm so thankful God has blessed us ladies with a heart for making things pretty.
i think we all have that innately in us.
some like to make pretty food...
others like to make pretty decor...
others like to make pretty hair... pretty make up... pretty clothes...
and the list goes on.
we as women love to take something ordinary and make it pleasing to the eye.
and i know that when we are happy doing these things for ourselves and others, it makes God happy too!

i know christmas is kickin' around the corner, but i need to share these photos.
first off, i'm sharing these photos because it'll be a keepsake for me.
seeing my house all nice and tidy and clean.
and cute and pretty to boot!
unlike how it is 90% of the time.
so that's my selfish reason for posting these photos.
next, it's to share with you some easy and cheap ways to decorate.
(keep in mind that many of these ideas can be changed depending on the season...
you just need to change the color scheme!)
tissue paper poufs! 
so simple... so cute... so inexpensive!
there's a ton of tutorials on youtube.

paper bunting.
cut triangles... sew together... hang.
easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

jars, jars and more jars... with candles.
plus glitter paper circle punched and fake leaves.
oh, and those sweet little pumpkins.
seriously cute!
i can't resist when i see them in the grocery store.
throw in a couple of little birds already kickin' around my house = a great little coffee table centerpiece.

more adorable pumpkins.
let's all pause while we go, "awwwwwwwww" in a squeaky baby voice.

yes, we ate raclette.
it was awesome.
shrimp, beef tenderloin, asparagus, potatoes, mushroom and lotsa CHEESE!!!

and, of course, the beautiful women i shared the night with!
can you see our awesome pinterest creations?
we all have monogrammed glitter wine glasses!
also so simple.
we used modge podge, martha stewart fine glitter and paint brushes to apply.
worked like a charm.
but beware... handwash only!  ;)

so this is my little encouragement to be girly...
and make things pretty in your life.
embrace your being a woman!!
because that's who God made you!

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Rachel said...

your house looks gorgeous! I love the poufs and the bunting! Hebrews 10:23 is one of my fave verses.