Friday, November 16, 2012


been a while since i've done one of these.
thought it was about time again.
i'm still always taking lots of pictures.

here we go...
my beautiful girl!
she has the sweetest little face...
but don't let that adorable smile fool you.
she can be quite the little mischief maker!
her favorite thing to do?
sing, dance... and play guitar.
her greatest goal in life?
to become a pop star.
no lie.
oh my... calico critters?
i think they were created for mamas like me.
they are so fun... so detailed.
i just love to set up baby h's house.
you know... set it up just right.
please tell me i'm not the only mom that enjoys these little things?
read this... and it hit me like a ton of bricks.
need to be reminded of this often.
not that marriage can't bring you happiness... but that's not the purpose of it.
thank you Jesus for the lessons i learn all the time.
thankful to have an amazing husband to share the journey with...
even if we like to duke it out once in a while. ;)
horrible picture but can't help but share!
big k sang in a little gr.3 choir at the peace concert last week.
i was so proud of her.
watching her sing her little heart out.
at the end, they got to join 5 other 'adult' choirs and sing all together.
it was touching and super cool!
maybe she'll actually enjoying singing like i do!!
day off from school = playtime with friends!!
got together with my pal, charmaine.
our kids are all the same age.
it makes for good times.
a playmate for all!
the kids had a blast and us mamas had good convo.
what could be better?
here's a sweet pic of our two babies... being babies!
taught big k one of my very favorite games!
this was like nostalgia full force.
master mind is the master game.
i LOVE it and it was so fun to introduce her to the game.
she totally caught on and i envision many matches in the future.
a great little note from my middle daughter.
if you can take a wild guess... i received this AFTER some discipline one day.
talk about a knife to the chest, huh?
i baked... i BAKED!
hallelujah... I BAKED!!!!
(this is a cause for celebration because it doesn't happen to often)
i think after 20 years it was time to retire my old knee pads.
they did me good through junior high, high school, college and many years of ladies league.
i feel like a new woman with the new knee pads.
how exciting!
let's just hope these new ones last at least half as long as the other ones. ;)
spring roll making with one of my longest known friends!
filled with peppers, cucs, carrots, mint, lettuce, peanut sauce and fried tofu.
yes, these are the yummies i get to enjoy when i'm with my vegan friend.
thanks J!!!
i love cooking and eating with you... and i love that my house was quiet without my children!!
there are some bonuses to them not eating this stuff.
ha ha!
wham... bam!
the very next day i saw my other longest known friend!!!
how can i get so blessed?
she made me eggs benedict... fresh fruit... great coffee!
so spoiled!
and we got to chit chat and catch up for at least 4 hours.
does it get any better?
oh baby of mine... you make me laugh.
you can rock those big sunnies like no bodies business, girl!
keep being marvellous you!
before school "crafting" of sorts.
orbeez... kids love them.
they're colorful, squishy and weird.
of course my girls love them.
thanks auntie mel for the fun!!
now i find the random squishy ball while i sweep every day.
oh, hugs with friends!
so special!
my daughter is learning from me.
i AM a hugger.
got to babysit a friend's two kids last night.
so there was hugging, playing, dancing and more going on.
good times!
plus, i got me some baby snuggles.
i mean, c'mon.... what could be better?
(for me, anyway)

this weekend calls for fun...
headed to twilight tonight!
i'm a teeny bopper and i'm willing to admit it.
will i shed a tear to see the series come to a close?
we shall see.
i promise to document if i do.
then doing some shopping (christmas stuff)... football watching and church.
oh... and wearing sweat pants whenever i can.
sounds like a swell plan to me.


Liz said...

loving all your pics!!! is that your couch/gallery wall behind you in the last pic??? i love the prints and banners!

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

LOVE all your pictures. Sounds like a great weekend! I am going to see the movie on Sunday. xoxo

bandofbrothers said...

lol that your baby wants to be a popstar!

and i think ollie and twain would adore the calico critters.

i'm like you and only bake occasionally so it's to be celebrated!

and i learned from a recent marriage seminar that the purpose of marriage to to witness. yes witness! we are to show our vertical love for God by our horizontal love for our spouse. and in a world full of divorce, this will shine brightly as a light!

stephanie joy said...

liz... it is my house.
those little banners are just home made with paper and i sewed them together.
SOOO easy!
and they're actually left over decor from a recent blessings shower i had.
i'll put up some of those pics soon.
lots of decor shots!
ha ha!
i LOVE decorating for a party! :)