Wednesday, November 7, 2012

sometimes you just gotta let loose!

let's face it, motherhood is draining...
and exhausting...
and pretty much seeps the selfishness out of you (and not always in a good way).
so you gotta be able to let loose once in a while...
sometimes with your kids is great...
but even better, without your children!
it's good for us to get out and express ourselves on our own.
as individuals.
i am SO lucky to be on an amazing club volleyball team.
from october to april we play almost every monday night.
i've been playing and helping to organize this team for over 10 years now.
(please don't judge my old age)
and we call ourselves NEON.
don't ask... just go along with it!
anyway, NEON is a bright spot in my busy week that i look forward to.
yes, i love to play volleyball.
it's my favorite sport to participate in and has been since grade 8!
but besides the fun i have ON the court, it's the people, more specifically women, that make it great!
i love these ladies!
they teach me almost every monday why it's important for me to get out and have fun.
away from my kids.
it helps me to remember that i'm ME!
and having these women to connect with on a regular basis is life giving.
and let's face it... a whole heck of a lot of fun!
when our games end early we often decide to go out for drinks.
we usually hit up the local "tavern", if you will, and set up for more laughs and connecting.
this monday we had a grand old time, as usual.
and something hilarious happened.
mondays, as you could probably assume, aren't particularly lively nights at the local watering hole.
the VLT's and pool tables have a few "regulars" but that's about it.
it's quiet... and we like it that way.
but this monday they were cranking out the old tunes, like it was going out of style.
did they know a bunch of 30 somethings were going to show up?
i have no idea.
but it was like re-living high school and my late teenage years listening to the music.
after eating two plates of nachos and drinking down our beers, we decided to hit up the dance floor.
all cautions were thrown to the wind and team NEON took to the dance floor.
this dance floor was currently being used to store some tables, but that didn't stop us.
we found some space and set to work on our moves.
it clearly wasn't a "dancing" night but that didn't matter.
us girls had a great time shaking our booties and laughing and having fun.
it was awesome!
and it was just what this mama needed.
a time to be me, with my friends after playing one of my favorite games.
who knew dancing to some 90's dance tunes could breath so much life into me?
us girls think we'll have to add the dancing to our regular monday nights.
sometimes those impromptu fun times are the best aren't they?
they create some of the best memories stored in our minds to be taken out on a particularly heavy day.
i'm blessed by all of these women and next time we're together i'll definitely let them know.
what do you do to let loose?


Elissa said...

oh my word-- that looks like so much fun!!

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

Amen to me time!!! Even though I hate volleyball and stink at dancing, I agree that this looks like a fabulous night! haha. Sounds like a new tradition is in the making, so fun to have girlfriends like this! xo

Marsalie said...

Where was Mel at the tavern? I am remembering when we used to "let loose" in our dorm room to the music. Good times. :)

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

Just found your blog. So cute! How fun that play volleyball with your friend!! Hope you are having a great weekend. xoxo