Friday, March 15, 2013

my tan is slowly fading...

and i'm wishing i was here again...
or here...
or even here... with the lines and copious amounts of people.
at least it was warm!
really i'd be happy to be anywhere warm...
instead of here.
don't you like that i still have some christmas decor up?
can you blame me when there's still so much snow and cold temperatures?
oh, don't get me wrong.
i love where i live. (especially when i hear of the tremors they're feeling exactly where we were in palm desert this week)
i really do... but these extraordinarily long winters can get annoying.
yesterday it was all melty and sunny and felt like spring was around the corner.
today... cold... tomorrow... cold... it's just staying... COLD.
you wanna know what i really wish i could do?
i wish i could gather all the ones i love... and bring them all with me to the warm weather and sunshine!
any lear jets for sale in my price range?
can you tell i'm procrastinating and not hopping on the treadmill like i should be?
i'm writing a pointless blog post instead.
motivation... yoo-whooo!!  where are you?!?!?


bandofbrothers said...

it was an unseasonably cold winter here and i truly struggled all year to keep warm. it was a challenge. but it's been so gorgeous and warm the past 2 weeks in sunny california! i hate to feel braggy when you are still so cold:(

stephanie joy said...

you cali people have got it GOOOOD!
that's all i'm gonna say.
just enjoy that warmth.
heck, that's why you live there.
no braggin' going on.
we could always move too!
got a job for my hubby for us to come to you?! ;)