Friday, March 22, 2013

today i'm thankful...

i've said it before... and i'll continue to say it.
when i'm running alone, it's my time with Jesus... and i love that.
i pump my worship music and i go.
i'm sure cars driving by just stop and stare... and probably laugh a bit too.
i like to wave my arms,
sing out loud,
and generally make a fool out of myself.
but when i'm feeling it... really feeling it... i can't help it.
i turn into a praisy-pentecostal-arm-raisin' lady of the Lord!
especially today.
with a mild temperature (-2 celsius!) and the sun in it's full blown glory,
i couldn't help but sing praises to my King.
thank you Jesus for the small things today...
for legs that run,
for the bright sun shining down on me on my run,
for no pain in my knees on my run,
for mostly dry pavement on my run (yay... no slipping on ice!),
and for awe inspiring music on my run.
God, you are good... so good to me!
(yes... how i love the SUN!!!!  the glorious SUN!!)


Amy @ Fig Milkshakes (Home and DIY) said...

: D

Elissa said...

LOVE this :)

bandofbrothers said...

you holy roller, you:)

love this.

did you ever see the friends episode where Phoebe runs wildly through central park? the best.

Marsalie said...

I am amazed at how much SNOW there is! I guess I have really never left Vancouver in the winter time. Looks beautiful! :)

Katie Cook said...

Ahhh! I just got back from a run and it was so great:) I LOVE that you are so brave enough to go out in the cold! YOu are so great!