Wednesday, July 27, 2011

do i look tired?

because i am!
i was at a birth during the night last night and i have no childcare this morning to try and catch up on the lack of sleep.
i do have childcare this afternoon...
however, i've made a hair appt and i can't cancel.
my split ends would kill me if i did!
so instead of napping at home... i'll be napping in the hairstylist's chair!
i hope david's scissors aren't too sharp today!
then tonight we're off to ballet in the park.
every summer our city's ballet company and ballet school perform outdoors at a park theatre.
we take the girls each year and it's fabulous.
every year i dream about taking ballet and discovering my hidden talent.
ha ha!
yes, it's a joke, kind of...
but i can't help but feel sorta wistful in a strange way about acquiring some much needed gracefulness!
can't you just see me like this?
i know... no way.
i'll keep dreaming.
and dreaming...
and dreaming.

(hopefully i'll sleep while i'm dreaming too.....)

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