Saturday, July 16, 2011

instafriday -- better late than never, right?

it's been a crazy busy week.
phew... you'd think things would slow down in summer?
well, apparently not in my household.
luckily the next few weeks aren't as jam packed as this one was.

last weekend we saw a real fairytale in our own neighborhood!
obvs it was the most magical wedding EVAH!
do you think the girls were super excited to see the horse and carriage or what?
i wasn't so keen on all the leftover poop.

checking out the greenhouse... always a great saturday treat!
little k loved this kitty!

my parents were still out last weekend and so we got some one on one time with the eldest girl.
went for a little bike ride and got some slurpees.
love and NEED that one to one QT.

walking into church, with her daddy and 'lala'.

so excited to take a ride in big m's truck! ha!

went along to my BFF's midwife appt.
can i just say that the sound of a baby's heartbeat NEVER gets old?!
anyhow, whilst in the appt... i took care of my one girl and my pal's two.
here's these two cuties holding hands! ;)

i didn't have my other two girls b/c they were at daycamp.
look at them with their little aprons on?!
isn't it the cutest!
who doesn't want to learn all about mennonite traditions at a daycamp!
make me some schnetje, girls!

we went to visit the girls one day at lunch.
look at baby... she's only half the size of this vintage tractor!

this week was also psycho busy b/c we had VBS every night.
isn't it funny how it's not called DVBS anymore?
that's how i grew up... going to DVBS and it really was during the day.
now it's every evening from 6:30-8:45.
super fun but tiring b/c the girls were at daycamp all day every day.
i helped out at VBS with one of my good friends and we taught our oldest girls.
can you see my cutie?
(can you tell a couple of them were really impressed that i was taking a photo?)
(incidentally, they also loved my sweet action dance moves and singing to the theme song!)

date night on wednesday night started with yummy food!!!
mexican is ALWAYS a favorite!!!

then we went to the kenny chesney concert.
first you have to check out the merchandise.
seriously... who doesn't want a pair of panties with the word, "DAMN" on the back.
it was kind of the running joke of the night.

big M in all his glory!!!
he's just a little obsessed with kenny.
me... i think i'm now a little obsessed with billy currington, the opening act.
seriously... who knew he was so dang CUTE?!

wow... really, i'm almost speechless.
this was a fantastic show.
kenny made us feel like we were the best audience he's ever sang to.
he really did.
now, it makes you wonder, is that all part of the show?
or is it genuine?
i'm thinking... part of the show.
we're the armpit of canada.
nothing too exciting here!

oh yeah... cap off a thursday night with some fireworks.
do it all the time!
just kidding.
but some people in the neighbourhood thought it was a good idea.
and who am i to argue?
my girls were FAR to tired to wake up from the intense noise...
and i got a great show in my own backyard.
it was lovely!
now, if only i could have enjoyed it with my husband... but alas, he was playing church baseball.

that was essentially my week...
well, the exciting parts.
you missed my physio appt, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc.
shall i take pictures of all of those next time?

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Courtney and Heather said...

Stopping by from Insta-Friday.

Looks like you had a great week.

We saw Kenny in April and had a blast! I love Kenny and after seeing Billy Currington... I like him a lot more!