Sunday, July 10, 2011

warning, do NOT purchase this...

ok, you know the schpiel.
you go to the store with your kids to pick up a few groceries.
only this store has a whole heck of a lot more than groceries inside.
you start meandering the aisles of produce, to the dry goods, to the diapers...
and suddenly you're checking out the clothing, and then... of course, the toys.
here is what my kids BEGGED for:

crayola colored bubbles.
seems harmless, right?
although, being the mom that i am, i'm not usually suckered into buying these 'gimmicks'.
it just seemed like a bad idea to me...
colored bubbles=bigger mess.
back on the shelf.
well, my parents came out this past week.
and guess what they brought for all the grandchillens?
you guess it... crayola colored bubbles.
ok, ok, i need to stop being so anal.
just let them play with it, right?
kids are only young once.
ok, go to town, kids.
but KEEP it outdoors.
that's not unreasonable, is it?
well, thank the Lord that they were outdside.
here's what i started to notice shortly after the first bottle was open.
yeah, uh hum... it's supposed to be PINK.

what does it look like to you?
not pink... but red.
lots and lots of red.
like there was a bloody murder happening RIGHT in my own backyard!!
and my daughter and my nephew were the culprits!

holy moly...does that look horribly wrong to you?
do they look kinda guilty or what?
or is it just me?
talk about a scene from a slasher flick!
clean it up, kiddies...
just like any good criminal would do.
(isn't it great that little k is trying to clean up the mess with a gun of all things?!)

can you guess what we've done with the excess bubbles?
we'll no longer be purchasing these beautiful and artistic colored bubbles.
nope... somehow i never imagine my children at this age to be re-enacting scenes from CSI.
bu-bye colored bubbles!
so long blood bath!

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A Little Of A Lot said...

I was going to buy those for Reagan at Easter and then read reviews on TRU and then saw I think Holli's pics, blue everywhere, even turned the siding on her house blue... worst invention EVAH !!