Wednesday, July 6, 2011

birthday bash weekend!

the end of june is a busy, busy month.
there's the end of school activities, playing outdoors, plus we celebrate 3 family birthdays.
this year was a big one for my father in law... 60!
we were able to have a big shindig for his birthday, complete with a bluegrass band, hog roast and all the fixin's.
it was a blast!
we've been planning it for months and i think we actually managed to surprise him.
although the day before the party, we were getting all sorts of decorations done and who shows up on coffee break (one of the 2-3 times he comes home for coffee during the day)?
yup... birthday boy himself.
i think we were pretty good at hiding it... saying we were doing stuff for little k's bday.
regardless, the party went well.
everyone had a good time.

so, remember when i was painting this:

well, it turned into this:

and no, we weren't making rabbit ears...

we were making these adorable buntings:

sis in law and i went went totally redneck and hopped in M's pickup to get the balloons for the party.
big K came along too... and we squished into the one bench with 20 helium filled balloons.
it made for a funny drive.
i couldn't shoulder check on the right side of the vehicle.
that's how i like to roll... a little on the wild side.

some decor from the party...

relaxing and enjoying the band.

took little babester on a walk because she got bored.
it was beautiful!

found some pretty peonies!
some of my favorite flowers!!
(it almost looks like i scolded her.  ha ha!)

old trucks are always great photo opportunities, aren't they?

there was even a pen with a few animals on the property.
the two older girls, being the scaredy cats they are, didn't go near 'em...
but little H put her hands through the gate always trying to grab the goats.
thatta girl!

the party was a great success...
fabulous weather, delicious food and great fellowship!

on little K's actual birthday we took a drive to see daddy at work.
then picked up her favorite breakie...

a little mcD's can go a LONG way in making this sweetheart a happy girl.

chowing down on said breakfast while fielding many birthday calls.
life is so busy!

playing with her new toy from mommy and daddy... GO-GO!
we are mean parents and don't buy her a real dog.
look, i don't have to chase after Go-go hoping he isn't pooping all over my house.
he's very easy to look after.
i just turn him off if i can't handle the barking anymore.
now THAT'S my kinda pet!
auntie even made her a sweet little cake to celebrate the day...
a PINK rainbow cake!!!

sharing some cake... with her grandpa that shares her actual birth day.

playing with gifts... playmobil!
this stuff RULES!
it's awesome... and well worth the money.
i LOVE helping them set it up.
sometimes a little bit too much.
it's my OCD tendencies that have to have it set up 'just so'.
hello!  TYPE A here!!  ;)
but just look at all those teeny tiny accessories...
they're just begging to be put exactly where they belong!

then i spent all night working on this creation.
this was big for me b/c i normally use the cake molds.
this one i did all myself...
just made the cake in a 9x13 and cut and shaped.
boy am i glad there's always a few months between my girls' birthdays.
then i can recover after making one of these.
oh... all those stars... the stars!  oy!

for her friend birthday party we had a birdie theme.
so the kids all painted birdhouses.
so cute and so fun!

happy 5th birthday to my little peanut!
i love you, my darling!

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