Friday, June 24, 2011


my week in lovely phone fotos.
is it as exciting as YOUR week was?
probably not.
but here it is, regardless!

smooches with my baby girl.
i was doing a lot of sitting on the couch on monday.
recovering from the half marathon.
luckily baby was in the mood to snuggle too!

happy bday to my sister in law!
i give thanks to her b/c every june we get to eat her favorite cake.
this amazing coconut cake that my mother in law makes.
no lie... it really is T.O. D.I.E. F.O.R.

morning coffee is a must around here.
how 'bout you?

babester feeding raspberries to my omi (grandma).
oh how i love both of these girls!!

these two were actually playing nicely with one another.
at least for part of the time.
and who doesn't like to take a picture on an oversized, obnoxiously large mushroom?
that makes for fun times and fun photo ops!

big K is sure loving her reading.
she read the whole drive to the city to her two sisters.
what a treat to not have to hear the DVD player pumping out the strawberry shortcake music
and just listen to my girl reciting the words she read.
very sweet!

it's science city in our kitchen.
apparently growing an avocado seed is harder than it looks?
it hasn't changed in like 3-4 weeks.
we keep hoping for some change.
but our bean plant is sprouting high into the sky!
time to plant it in the yard.

yes... those are my golf clubs.
yes... you'll see a TON of dust covering them.
yes... they've been in our basement collecting that said dust for at least 7 years.
and finally,
YES... i did go out and play a bit of golf yesterday with my hubby and girls.
he was SO excited.
(so was i when i actually hit my first shot IN the air!!!)

look at this little cutie!
she loves 'em BOOTS!

doing some crafting for a special event this weekend.
i'll do pics of the whole thing next week.

that's it!
link up, people!!


Anonymous said...

Morning coffee is a must here. I hope it isn't 7 years before I can use my clubs again.

Andrea said...

The wellies are adorable!

Young People in Love said...

HOORAY FOR INSTAGRAM!!! :) I seriously don't know where my blog would be without it!
These are all such GREAT shots, btw! Following!