Wednesday, June 22, 2011

date night

m and i don't get out too often on our own.
honestly, we don't.
maybe 2 times a year.
v-day and our anniversary.
i know...
it's pathetic.
we really should change that.
when we do have a babysitter we feel like we need to really 'utilize' them.
you know,
call friends up.
go out with them.
go to concerts.
go to small group.
go to banquets... weddings... and the like.
that kind of thing.
it's like we feel guilty going out on our own with a babysitter at home with our kids.
i mean, we can spend time alone together at home once the kids are in bed, right?
why do we need someone to watch our kids to go out alone?
these are excuses.
and really, they are poor.
i think married couples need that alone time together once in a while.
so, m and i had an evening out last night.
on a TUESDAY night, no less!
wow, we are daring, aren't we?
first off... dinner at the Keg.
we had gc's, man!
gotta love when you only need to spend $10 on dinner (that's including TIP, yo!)
AND, i had a glass of vino!
free, fresh bread?
yes, please!
and blue cheese steak?
we took in m's big work truck.
wow, did i feel like a lady in that dirty thing.
still, it was kinda fun... sitting on the bench with my man.
what's a date without making a stop at walmart?
really, i don't like that store but i was looking for curly straws for little k's bday party.
and then i found all this other cheap stuff.
you know... the basics...
suntan lotion, big feet candy, diaper pail refills, crackers, whoppers...
those rollbacks!
they're always suckin' you in to spend more moolah.
marketing genius' at walmart, i tell you!
then we caught a movie.
we saw 'source code'.
it was decent.
kind of a 'groundhog day' thriller of sorts.
really... it's like the lead characters are the same person...
in every single way.
check it out:
i mean, can't you see the similarities?!
it's like they're the same guy.
those pictures could be interchangeable.
can i compare the legendary bill murray with jake gyllenhaal?
yes, yes i can.
they're like one in the same?
(ok, girls that know me in real life... you know that jakey is one of my favos!  him and hugh jackman. of course.)
oh yeah... our snacks from walmart cost more than the movie.
yay for cheap tuesdays.
for BOTH of us, it was $3.50!
this could be the cheapest date EVAH!
of course our date night wouldn't be complete without a trip to the MRI office!
yes, i told you.
we don't have date nights unless it's required.
last night's date... m had an MRI appt at 10pm.
you read that right... 10:00PM!
if he wanted a daytime appt, he would have had to wait 'til october or november.
see how much fun we're having in the waiting room?!
see how full and entertaining the waiting room is?!
oh, and look what i found?
yesterday's paper.
who is that celebrity in that spread?
i guess i'll just read about it and then leave that page open on the table.
for all to see.
ha ha ha ha ha ha!
have fun, my dear.
hope your experience isn't so bad considering you don't get your drugs to help calm you.
who knew that at 10pm at night there was no medical staff around to get you some valium (he had it last MRI).
sorry sweetie!
hope your claustrophobia doesn't hit an all time high!
waiting for my man, taking pics...
and playing some angry birds.
yikes, that game is addicting.
so very, very addicting!
and check out the time on our way home.
yes, we are rockstars.
remember, it was a tuesday night!

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