Friday, June 3, 2011

insta friday

my first official insta friday.
but i take phone pics ALL the time.
do i even know where my DSLR is?
sadly, no.
it's in it's case somewhere in my home.
iphone it is!!
instagram to the rescue!
making bad pictures seem artsy!
you are my hero, person who made this app.
you've made this lazy girl's day!

early supper before concert means you need to have a late night snack after the concert.
enter the ever so delicious road side hot dog stand.
i'll have one with bbq sauce, hot red sauce, pickles and banana peppers.
oh, and a side of dp (lingo for dr. pepper in our house).

my little girl 'graduated' from preschool this week.
sigh... where has all the time gone?

a masterpiece you might say?
nope, just a pencil and a bored almost 21 month old.
thank goodness for erasers.

isn't it great that play-doh is just as fun today as it was when we were kids?
that new play-doh freshness can't be beat!
so awesome!
there's just a few more contraptions to play with nowadays.

why hello there, sexy!
this is what happens when there's a lull at your garage sale...
and someone is feeling crazy enough to pull on a size 3T home made sweater.
yup, that'd be me.
my friend called it mennonite lingerie!
it was worth it for the few minutes of laughter we enjoyed, right girls?
ahem... if you're larger chested, this might not be the best idea.

this is what i look at many hours of the day.
but my lovely truck does me well.
i love her!

oh sweet kitty!
i know both my little girls wanted to take you home today but i just couldn't.
you see, i love me some kittens... but cats aren't my favorite.
and well, i hate to say it, you will turn into a cat one day.

this is what 50 cents will buy you...
45 seconds of happiness from two munchkins!

no, this isn't a broken down rag doll.
this is my baby, pretending to sunbathe.
i promise you i didn't put her in this position!

well, there's my week in a nutshell!
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kara noel @ Eli's Lids said...

Mennonite!! HAHAHA!! Great shot of laughter on the grocery store thingy... don't you love those moments?? A concert sounds fun... can't think of the last time we went to one!

Astrid said...

Oh ba yo! I love the Menno lingerie! :)