Monday, May 30, 2011


just have to share a few pictures and thoughts on last night's concert.
all pictures are taken with my iphone, which means they aren't the best quality.
forgive me for not taking along my SLR.  ;)
there is a reason why U2 is the biggest band in the world.
there is a reason why Bono is the definition of the term rockstar.
they put a great show, playing the most popular songs from the past 3 decades.
can you believe that?
they've been together for 35 years!
all your favorites... and you know which ones you love, were played.
i know not everyone is a huge U2 fan but everyone, i'm sure of it, has at least one U2 song that they love.
a song they can sing along to.
a song that brings back a flood of memories from a certain time in your life.
i have many of them.
the last time U2 was here was 14 years ago when i graduated from high school.
apparently, the armpit of canada isn't high on the priority list of big bands.
but that's ok.
because when they do arrive, they put on a he** of a show!
i was even impressed that Bono gave a little 'nod', if you will, to our hometown.
singing some lyrics from neil young's "heart of gold" and reading from bto's "ain't seen nothing yet".
i have two favorite parts of the night.
first was when they played elevation.
i run to this song.
all the time.
and it always gets me going.
so i danced hard and sang loudly when they played it.
it was closer to the beginning of the setlist.
next favorite part was when Bono told everyone to put on their cell phones and light up the night like the milky way.
it was very cool to see.
and it definitely helped that it was to the tune of one of my favorites, "with or without you".
(can i just say how ridiculously hot Bono is in that video?)
that is how they ended off the concert.
we sat in the nosebleeds but still had a wonderful time and a fantastic view.
next time, if there is a next time in our small city, i will get on the floor.
i will lay my anxiety down and brave the crowds, the competitive nature of floor seats and just...
rock out!
now who's gonna hold me to it?!

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Pamichen said...

I do love a lot of U2 songs...and can pinpoint times in my life to some of their music. They are a bigger than life rock 'n roll band...much like the Stones. I have never seen them. But I enjoyed seeing them through your eyes. I love you.