Tuesday, May 17, 2011

are they just weeds?

this morning as i was hurrying to get the kids off to school (my carpool morning), my two older girls commented on the open lot full of dandelions beside our house.
aka, the eyesore, in mine and M's opinion.
"oh mommy... they're SO pretty!!"
"aren't we so lucky to live by such pretty flowers?"
"mommy, i want to go and pick lots right now!"
"why don't we have any little yellow flowers on our yard?" (this one said with a pout!)

"girls", i said, "dandelions are weeds.  and we don't want yucky weeds on our lawn."
then, in my rush, i kept driving, leaving the subject behind.

this afternoon little K woke up from her nap and wanted to play outside for a bit.
i used this extra amount of quiet time to keep lounging lazily in my bed.
after a couple of minutes she runs back inside.
with, i might add, a whole fistful of beautiful yellow flowers. ;)
"mommy, these are for YOU!"
well, do you think my view of dandelions has changed now?
yes, they are still technically a weed... but they're a pretty weed that my girls absolutely love.
and if they want to bring me fistfuls of dandy ol' lions... who am i to not accept them?!

they now reside in a little cup on my bedside table!

where will you find beauty in the most unexpected of places today?


Pamichen said...

I loved picking mom dandelions...and clover...and pussy willows. they are pretty yellow flowers. Much nicer in a cup beside your table than in the lawn where they seed! lol xox

deborah said...

wouldn't we all do better if we decided on our own what beauty really was? i love me a dandelion and i'm embracing them. i've fired the chemical lawn company for our yard. you know what's not beautiful. toxic chemicals. you know what i miss queen anne's lace and clover. :) (darling photos, btw)