Friday, May 13, 2011

sooo frustrated

ok, i spent a couple hours working on a post about our trip to texas.
and now... poof.
i have NO idea where it went.
it was up yesterday.
i published it.
it was saved over and over again.
and now it's gone.
i'm so frustrated.
all that work...
has this happened to anyone else?
i feel like i can't even mentally do the post again.
it was long...
now i just want to cry.
teaches me to not go on another blogging mini break.
how can i get it back?!?!?!?
who can i contact?

1 comment:

Pamichen said...

write someone in the help department on here. I lost a blog I published Wednesday. But it was still there in the edit area...even though I had already posted it and was read. Computer system glitch I guess. But they should be able to retrieve it. xoxo