Wednesday, May 18, 2011

first official 2011 summer fire

we have a fire pit...
and it's seriously one of the best investments we made when we built this house.
in the spring/summer/fall we use it often.
like 2 x's a week usually.
M is the fire master.
people may laugh at his obsession with building and maintaining a fire...
but secretly, i think it's mighty sexy! ;)

he also likes to call himself the marshmallow roaster extraordinaire.
i like it when he toasts mine so i can concentrate on warming up my chocolate on my graham wafer.

this girl would like to have a fire every night if we let her.
every day, "can we have a fire tonight?!"
she loves it!
and so do we!
we hope that as they get older, they'll use the opportunity to share/visit with us about their lives.
yay for quality family time!

ok, doesn't this look delish?
i will say that it was so awesomely yummy that i made 3 of them for ME.
no, i did not heat up the girls' chocolate for their s'mores.
just mine.
i'm a great mom like that.
besides, would they really enjoy it all melty and gooey the way i like it?

please disregard my filthy fingernails.
i'm not a junky.
i really just did a whole whackload of weeding before we had the fire.
(and what is with my red forehead?!)

as you can tell, we put baby H to bed before we had this particular fire.
no one likes to see a baby stumble into the fire while saying, "issa haw!" (it's hot)

ok, i know you'll probably ALL ask so i'll share...
the sweatshirt is vintage gap, from highschool, circa 1994?
it's hot, i know!
i've kept it all these years because it does wonders for my figure.
i know you ALL want one!
check out your local thrift store and see if you get lucky.
don't be a hater if you don't find one.
you can also look extra cool if you wear socks with your crocs.
you don't need to thank me for that fashion tip.
(ahem... can you tell my husband works at a lumber yard with the amount of "firewood" we have?!)

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