Tuesday, May 24, 2011

garden time

so my mother in law plants a wickedly huge and wickedly awesome garden every summer.
when i can, i like to pitch in and help out.
it's always with my girls in tow which means sometimes i hinder rather than help.
luckily, my mother in law is also very patient.
more patient than i... ahem.
i could learn a thing or two (or two million) from her.
as is the reason every year i go to help out.
every year i'm gaining more and more insight as to where and when to plant certain vegetables and how far apart, etc.
plus, my girls are learning where food comes from.
it's a valuable lesson for all of us.
and bonus... after a full summer of hard work in the garden,
we get to work even harder at canning all of our glorious bounty to enjoy all year!!
it's a pretty sweet deal, i tell you!
so get out there and plant your own garden.
and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty!!

in other news...
my in laws also spotted this sweet little nest in their cedar tree.
check out those eggs!
in my very FAVORITE color!
maybe next time i'm over there i'll find some little birdies!

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