Friday, June 10, 2011

instafriday II

isn't every day kinda like instafriday?
i guess it is if you always use your iphone to take pics.
yeah, i'm lame.
hopefully it's just a phase and i'll use my bigger camera more often again.

daddy is getting his wish...
his girls are really starting to like golf this summer.
we even got big K brand new clubs!
aren't they so adorable?!

eating buttercups.
did you ever eat these caragana flowers as a child?
i did ALL the time.
and now i'm teaching my girls the same thing.
they love it!

nothing beats the park on a warm summer day.

she agrees!

when big sister is gone at school, her clothes are used too!
little K and her buddy played dress up.
you guessed it... twinsies!
they had a great time.
and big K has no idea that her dress was worn for a few hours.
ha ha!
(hopefully she doesn't read my blog)

did some babysitting this week.
oooh, it was a little tough on baby H having to share my affection and attention.
i can't help it though...
i just LOVE babies!
B, you know it... anytime you need a sitter, call me!

can you guess where i was this morning?
at work.

seeing this precious babe be born.
i love my job!

and last but certainly not least...
check out my awesome new piece of furniture.
i had it custom made using this amazing photograph by my sister in law.
my pal debby did such a fabulous job.
this piece has mucho storage, which is what i was looking for, and mucho style.
notice the mid century lines, the teak (my FAVORITE!!) and the casters?
i'm so thrilled with this piece!!
now i just have to add all the accents on top!
and put more stuff on the wall...

link up, people!!

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Sarah said...

Saw your blog from the Instagram Friday thing... looks like you've had a fun week! I enjoyed your post :)