Monday, June 6, 2011

summer flora

i love lilacs.
almost as much as i love peonies.
they smell divine.
i just want to stuff my nose into their purple blooms and live there forever.
the smell permeating my very being.

i know you can get lilac "scented" candles, spray, and what have you.
but it's just not the same.
not the same heavenly aroma of the real deal.
unfortunately, we don't have any lilac bushes on our property.
when i'm out for a run i get to enjoy them at many intervals.
but i'm too lazy to pick the flowers and run all the way home with them.
that would slow my time down.  ha!

but when we went for a family bike ride the other day i spotted some lovely clumps of lilacs!
mmmmmmmm... oh the smell!!
little K and i hung back from the others and sheepishly pulled off some branches of these beauties.
careful not to alert the owners that we were stealing from their property!
oh, to inhale the scent!
we filled up her basket with them and promptly took them home to grace our kitchen table.

it's only 3 days later and alas, they're already dead looking but i'll remember them like in these photos.
and i'll keep taking in the smell while i run for the next week.
then they'll be gone 'til next year.

 has anyone invented a lilac flower that lasts all summer long?

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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

mmmm I can almost smell the lilacs through the computer screen! I miss my lilac bush. It got a strange disease and needed to be removed. There is nothing quite like a huge cluster of lilacs to make your day happy. Especially if they're in your bicycle basket!