Monday, September 12, 2011

first days of school

it's always a momentous time, right?
the first day of school.
all idyllic and serene.
a special time of reflection from where you've come from...
and a time to ponder where you'll go.
happy and well behaved kids, eager to have a new beginning.
and standing over it all... a calm and patient mother.
ready to shepherd her children to their first morning of classes.

well, not in our house.
it's crazy town in our home.
clothes flying everywhere,
a frazzled mom (that'd be me) trying to scramble together some semblance of a lunch,
toothpaste smeared all over the bathroom,
half eaten breakfasts,
a baby with a bottom that needs changing (and yes, i'm still calling her a baby even though she's now 2!),
a 7 and a half year old crying because this particular morning she wasn't able to carpool.
i mean, what kind of a mother doesn't let her daughter have her way?
i can't believe she made her go along with her own little sister on her first day of kindergarten.
for shame!
(of course i'm being a bit sarcastic here)
ahem... it was one day.  she can go without her friends in carpool for one morning, right?
or am i a bad mom?
don't answer that.

anywaysola... back to the scene.
it was chaos.
every morning since school has started has been kinda psychotic.
but, it's what i've expected.
really, it's what i've been anticipating all summer long.
those lazy dazy days are now gone...
welcome to routine.
nothing like a rude awakening, am i right?
but once i'm in the swing of things, it'll all be good.
this much i know is true.

so... here's some 'set-up' pictures to make it look like i was that awesome, calm and attentive mother.
don't you love how you know what the background scene was now?!?!

i now have a daughter in grade 2.
sigh... she looks so darn sweet in these pictures.

those are genuine smiles.
they are.

she really is a beauty.

and she does love school... so what's not to like about that, right?

don't be fooled into thinking she's working.
she's sitting beside one of her little buddies...
and when those two get together, trouble is a brewing!  ;)

first day of KINDERGARTEN!!!!

well, she could learn a lesson or two in the posing department from her big sister.

this one she nailed... with her infamous scrunchie smile.

proud momma and daddy!
sniff... sniff...

awww... sisters together at the same school.
(don't look too closely at big k's puffy and red eyes... remember, i do not say 'no' to my daughters)

my little love bug!
she is so affectionate... i LOVE it!

seeing some neighbor buddies in the school yard.
she was super pumped!!!
(D... do you like how little k's arm is around your daughter?!?!  look familiar?!)

she found her name on her cubbie!
hooray... she did learn something in preschool!

ok this was when mommy was lingering too long...
i wasn't ready to leave.
she was, however, SO ready for me to go.

"c'mon baby girl... just ONE more picture!!"

and just like that...
i have two girls officially in school.
oy... now i feel old (and not b/c it was my birthday yesterday)!

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