Thursday, September 22, 2011

shopping spree

so i went on a shopping spree yesterday...
but don't get too excited.
it wasn't me that got to shop but a good friend of mine.
she has dealt with a lot of hard blows this past year (the big scary c-word)
and she felt like some retail therapy was needed.
who am i resist?
we had a great time!!!
her credit card is now burning.  ha ha!
do you know how awesome it is to pick out all sorts of items for a friend to try on and buy?
if you don't, go out and shop with one of your besties today.
and be sure it's with one that has some cash to burn!  ;)
you're guaranteed a fabulous time.
we were so hard-core shopping that we didn't even break for lunch.
now that's commitment.
us mamas were on a mission.
when you even have half a day without the kidlets, you gotta make it count.
here is one of the awesome items she purchased, this dress:

isn't it an adorable dress?!
i LOVE it!
and it looks amazing on her.
now she needs some fun shoes.
so i'm looking online for her which is almost as fun as regular mall shopping.
there's no impromptu hat pictures, of course.
or laughing in change rooms.
but online shopping can be dangerous too.
don't kid yourself!

i thought the dress would look fabulous with opaque dark tights and these shoes:

or possibly these ones:

who doesn't like a great pop of color with a neutral like grey, am i right?

she also wanted something to cover up with if she feels cold.
i thought a little sweater would work.
this black one could be ok:

or even this one is great if you want to go with a plumy/purple and more neutral shoes:

and i even like the look of going a bit more casual with a jean jacket like this:

course what i like to do best... is scour my own closet for recyclables.
you'd be amazed what you can find if you tend to hoard some of your clothes, like i do. ;)
and really, in my humble opinion, a women can never have too many cardigans.
they go with EVERYTHING... and work in any season.
so whenever i see a cute one on a sales rack, i tend to go weak and make a purchase.
anyhow... this is a random clothing post.
none of it actually mine... but fun, none the less.
as for my fall wardrobe... it's layers, layers and MORE layers.
plus boots.
i LOVE boots.
can't get enough of 'em.

oh yeah... and yesterday when we shopped we happened to purchase matching shirts.
not for us, silly.
for our eldest daughters that are best buds.
here they are sporting their new tops today at the bus stop.

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