Friday, September 23, 2011

instafriday... ON friday!

i'll admit... some of these pics are from last week too.
but i haven't linked up in a while.  
here goes...

some of the fruits of our labours...
pizza sauce, salsa, tomato soup, beets, jalepenos, mustard, tomato jam.
mmmmmm... all so good!!!
and doesn't it all look so pretty and uniform?
i wish it was my basement storage room... but it's not.
this is my mother in law's fabulous space.

oh yes... it's started once again.
dance class.
big K is gone on wednesdays from 4:45-6:30!
crazy long!!
and little K has an hour long class, also on wednesdays, from 1-2.
they're both so cute in their gear.

zoo time!!
here are my monkeys... checking out the monkeys!

we saw some pretty monarchs at the new butterfly pavillion.

we met up with the youngest of my girls' cousins.
the lone boy with a bunch of gals this day!
they had so much fun running around and wreaking havoc.
(they weren't really bad that day... they were great!)
don't you love some of those fake smiles?!?

here's a real smile.
who doesn't like to cap a day at the zoo with some ice cream?!

on a date... in the lumina!
went our for supper with our good friends and we went cruising in their parent's lumina!
this car is nostalgic and special.
it's probably one of the few remaining vehicles with a BENCH seat in the front.
it screams good times.

and wine with some cake?
yes, please!
on my in law's side, there are 4 of us with bdays in september.
so we have a big joint bday party.
this cake... was... to... DIE for!!!
peaches, cream cheese icing.
need i say more?
no surprise who made it!  ;)


The Morris Family said...

Wow!! good job on the canning!!! That is alot of stuff you all have put up!!!

I know it was alot of work too, We have an acre garden but we sell some at our local farmers market!! This year was really hard with no rain!!

Great week in phone pics!!!

Lorraine said...

Great pics