Monday, September 5, 2011

pictures from the week

can i blame it on the long weekend that i didn't get my instafriday up on time?
why, thank you!
our week in pictures... plus a few extra submitted!

two of my good friends hosted a 90's prom party last weekend.
you better believe we all had a good chuckle when girls would arrive in their prom attire.
D took the cake as a trashy pregnant prom queen!!  ;)
(yes, i made myself have bangs for the event!!)

took some family pictures, here's a candid i got with my camera before the session began.
ohh, i love these little girls!!

after we took pictures we indulged in some of the yummiest poutine EVER!
seriously... this place take their poutine to a whole new level.
i ordered the double pork... chipotle pulled pork and bacon.  plus a yummy mushroom gravy.  mmmm!
check 'em out -- smoke's poutinerie.

thunderstorms during the night?
this was the perfect spot for one of my daughter's to cuddle up on... and they did!

 apparently i need to put my youngest in gymnastics?!

ok, this is from a couple of weeks ago but i had to add.
our oldest two girls and the neighbor kids had an iced tea stand!
aren't they the cutest?!

my husband is a little obsessed with fantasy football.
the draft is like christmas to him.  HIS words... not mine.
this week was his 2nd draft... and it was at our house.
so... out the house we went.
over to a pal's place.
the kiddies had no problem watching a movie all together!

crafting with my big girl.
something about painting... it's very relaxing.
i spent over an hour working on my butterfly. ;)

i wore me some HEELS this week too!
it's funny... because i rarely wear them.
sometimes to church because i know i won't be walking lots.
we had a ladies night out and i knew i had to prettify my feet... on went the heels.
luckily, we sat and ate... and sat and enjoyed coffee.
not much walking for my tootsies!

here's som of the awesome tapas we ate.
mmmmmm.... spanish tapas!
it was so fun.
we just asked the waitress to bring what the house deemed best.
we ate and shared and passed plates.
it was delish!
my favorite?
the zucchini blossoms!

that was my week!

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Ginger said...

Only our hubbies could compare their draft nights to Christmas Day! Ha ha! Loved having you over that evening! :)