Friday, September 30, 2011

my new nails

i got my nails done!
oh girls out there...
seriously, i'm not a hands nail polish kind of girl.
i'm really not.
it chips.
it looks tacky when it's chipped.
and i get annoyed seeing the chips.
so i just flake it off.
gross, right?
so... i don't put it on my fingers.
(toes, that's another story.)
so... when i was first introduced to this new fandangled manicure last year, i was sold!
the first place i went to called it 'perfect polish'.
the girl i went to yesterday had what was called 'luxio'.
this stuff is the BOMB, people!
it actually STAYS put.
kind of like a gel nail, but not.
(i don't know... i've never had gel nails before, what am i saying?!)
but, for real, it does not come off.
it just grows out.
so your beautiful manicure will last...
through the dishwashing,
through the weed pulling (yes, i enjoy doing this),
through the diaper changes (no, i don't enjoy doing this),
through the high fiving (who doesn't like to give an aggressive high five, am i right?),
and through whatever your life throws at your precious digits.
i promise!
local gals, just ask me where i got it done.
it's close and cheap... two of my favorite things! ha!
now, who wants to see another picture of my pretty lady fingers?
yes, i'm still wearing my favorite lulu running shirt from this morning.
if you're making an assumption that i haven't showered yet, you'd be right.
yes, it's 4:00pm in the afternoon.
please don't judge!
while taking phone booth pics, i went a little crazy.
here are some shots of me and my nails.

i thought i looked kinda gansta in this pic.
yo, do they choose the color 'current' in the hood?

everybody was kung-fu fighting!!

karate... martial arts... asian influences... brings me to the next photo.
domo arigato, mr. roboto!
do you like my sweet robot moves?

a little bit of vogue, to cleverly cover up my no make-up face.

and a little fishy action to finish it up.

there you have it...
a little plug for the fancy manicure.
call your local spa/aesthetician today!

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