Tuesday, October 4, 2011

no heat curls

this is not my new princess leia hair-do.
i'm sure, like me, you've heard of 'no-heat curls'.
if not, well, read on.
i first saw them on julie's blog, on her daughter.
oooh, i thought, looks easy and cute.
well, not the headband part... the after part, of course.
ok, easy and cute?
i'm sold!
so i watched the 13 minute tutorial here.
and it really was THAT easy.
easy enough, that i now do it ALL the time.
that's mostly because i am as lazy as it comes, when it revolves around my hair.
and, sadly, my girls' hair too.
those poor girls have to rely upon headbands and pony tails to make their hair look fancy.
moms of boys that long for a girl with hair to play with are hating me right now.  ha ha ha!
So long boring hair!
 HELLO, no heat curls!
it really is the simplest thing.
if you have relatively long hair, try it.
my hair takes curl very easily (because i have natural wave) and i leave it in for only a couple hours.
i wash my hair first thing in the morning.
let it air dry ('til about 85% dry).
start wrapping around the headband, all the way around 'til all the hair is up.
then i do everything i need to do that morning, including picking up little k from the bus stop.
(i don't need to tell you i turn heads when i have that awesome headband hairdo!)
then take it out of the headband once i can feel it's all dry and...

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Shauna Reed said...

yah! it looks amazing!!!
i love how easy it is!