Thursday, October 20, 2011

a little change up

have i said how much i adore my new'ish storage cabinet yet?
because i really do love it.
for the storage, yes... but especially for the design aesthetic.
i love it!
and i love that i have all that space on top to display knick knacks and chotchka.
yup, i said that.
just call me an old grandma.
i fight so hard for the no-clutter look, but in the end, it's just not me.
i like stuff.
those kind of goodies.
and when i see something cute at a store that screams my name (owls and bird stuff, definitely)
i can't help but purchase and bring home.
at least i have a place to put them, right?

every once in a while, i like to change up my "stuff".
you know, walk around the house, move things from here to there?
that way it looks different and new... and yes, exciting.
it feels like i'm just shopping in my own home.
very forgiving on my wallet.
you gotta try it sometime.

here's my most recent change up:
here's the before...

and, here's the after.
not too much of a difference, especially on the left side but a couple things have changed.

i stood all my photo books up instead of laying flat, and i moved the family rules canvas and replaced it with another canvas picture.
plus a few other randoms things were swapped out.

and i have displayed my cute new milk glass vase.
$5 from an antique store... in a dinky old town to boot!
gotta love a deal!
especially when it's something that i've been looking for specifically.

you're probably wondering what happened to my family rules canvas?
well, i moved it over to the kitchen/dining area.
it was always annoying me b/c it's not quite done and i looked at it more often at the front door.
now it's not aggravating me as much and yelling at me to finish it. ;)

oh yeah... and here's real life, underneath that family rules canvas...
the complete chaos of arts and crafting supplies for my girls.
how can i contain the constant mess??!!