Wednesday, October 5, 2011

letters and a desk

i'm always looking for new projects and crafts to do for my home.
i want my home decor to convey our family, our likes, our creative juices.
i'm always inspired by many things; other bloggers, pinterest, store window displays, you name it.
i found these wall letters at anthropologie a few months back.
i think i saw them somewhere in nie nie's house a while ago as well.
i love the idea of our initials on the wall.
however, i wasn't ready to spend $15 per letter.
actually, i shouldn't say that.
i was ready.
i did spend over $15 per letter.
and then proceeded to return them the very next day.
i just couldn't justify it.
i still wanted that 'look' so i thought i'd replicate it in a much more cost effective way.
enter hobby lobby!
(i LOVE that store! why, oh why don't we have it in canada?!)
i picked up all the letters i needed and they were priced at $1.99 each!
yup!  less than 2 bucks per letter!
then i went to my local scrapbook store and chose some pretty paper.
here's what the letters looked like before i added the paper to the front:

and here's what they looked like after:

 then i put some 3M sticky strips on the back and stuck them to the wall, like this:

once i had them on the wall, 
i moved my couch over because i had to move the side table over, 
so the table lamp didn't block my new letters.
then i noticed there was a big empty space to the left of the couch.
i remembered this cute little kid's desk i bought at the thrift store a couple of months back.
i first thought that i'd spray paint it and it's sat in my garage ever since.
today, i realized i wanted to keep it the way it is, rusty and weathered.
methinks there's gonna be a whole lot of 'school' playing in the living room.
and i'm just fine with it!

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