Monday, October 24, 2011

my middle child

this girls cracks me up.
this is the picture i found on the computer this morning.

she's looking good, huh?
those girls love a little photobooth time, once in a while.
can you see that she's on a rollercoaster in the picture?!
ha ha ha ha!

today little k is 'star of the day' at kindergarten.

basically that means that she brings snack for the entire class
(i sent along frozen yogurt tubes),
she gets to help the teacher with special tasks,
and she gets to do show and tell.
now, most children bring a favorite stuffed animal, right?
maybe a cool collection of some sort?
what did my daughter decide to bring?

her favorite blanket, affectionately known as "owl", was her pick of choice.
i'm not sure how many other kids will bring their favorite blankies for show and tell.
that certainly ain't gonna stop her!
she LOVES this thing!
(can't you tell by all the rips and holes?!)
she's just mildly obsessed and sleeps with it every night... and drags it around the house every day.
so, we packed owl up and sent him along to kindergarten too.
i hope they have fun today!!
(and i hope owl comes home on the bus too... or we'll have a major cry fest after school)

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Pamichen said...

I was there when Owl was bought!! I love owl too...because Kaybrie does. hee hee! <3 xox