Thursday, October 13, 2011

dad's birthday nature walk

my parents were just recently here to visit.
during the time they were here, my dad celebrated his 62nd birthday.
i asked him, "what do you want to do today, dad?"
it was a saturday, so we were all home.
he thought wistfully and decided that we should go on a 'drive'.
now you got to know that in my childhood many weekends were spent going on 'drives' with my family.
my dad LOVES to drive.
we decided upon a destination, the goose sanctuary it was.
and off we went.
we admired the beautiful scenery in the van and were eager to walk/hike once we reached the geese.
here are some pictures from that afternoon...

we all had a great time.
the girls so enjoyed themselves and i felt a bit of nostalgia for my childhood.
it's time to start our own traditions with our girls.
that's kind of strange to think of...
like we need to branch off on our own, without our parents.
but it's exciting to see our children enjoying the same things we enjoyed when we were young.
thanks for the 'drive' daddy-o... and happy birthday again!

1 comment:

Pamichen said...

memories! I loved the hundreds of drives dad took us on. tradition!!! ;o)
looks like you guys all had an awesome day! xoxo