Monday, October 17, 2011

intentional play

so i'm having lots of free time with my baby these days.
every morning we have moments to be together.
she is a pretty independent player, which makes it sorta tricky.
and because she plays so well on her own, i will sheepishly admit that i spend time going through emails and blogs after my older two leave for school.
it's so quiet in the house.
i have a cup of coffee.
i sit and read a bit.
but then i feel guilty.
i know time is precious and short in these younger years.
so i have to be intentional.
i have to stop what i'm doing and go and spend time with her.
and every time i do, i love it!
she is hilarious!
i love her little character!
and i wonder why i don't make it more of a priority.
so that's what i'm trying to do... take hold of these precious moments and don't let them pass me by.
am i the only one that struggles with this?
tell me i'm not alone?
here we are, playing cars...

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