Monday, February 27, 2012

the oscars

i watch the oscars ever year.
not the entire thing, no.
but i catch the bulk of it.
am i a movie buff?
definitely not.
truth be told, it's all about the fashion for me.
i enjoy the red carpet stuff almost more than the show.
(although how pumped is everyone to have billy back on the stage?!?)
so here's the list of my favourite's of the night...
and the not so favourite's.

first, my favorite of the night.
beautiful penelope cruz.
the ethereal blue tone on this dress, divine!
and so elegant.
it looks like she's floating.
LOVE it!
(come to think of it... the color is the same as my grad dress, circa 1997... no wonder i like it!!)

meryl streep.
i love her, i really do.
and she deserves all the credit for her acting ability, but not for her dress.
this is just my opinion but i'm just not digging it.
i think it's mostly the fabric.
gold lame?
i think she could have done better.
but... i'm not a fashion critic... just an observer!
she still looks beautiful though... just don't love that dress.

she looks amazing.
i am in love with this tom ford creation!
very elegant, understated but modern and fresh.
she looks so tall!
and that cuff!
that CUFF!!!
i want it!
great job... and the low key hair is perfect!

angelina, whether you love her or hate her, her dress was beautiful.
i, however, thought she didn't look very healthy.
when she was presenting on stage, her arms were so frail and stick like.
is this supposed to be the picture of healthy and fit?
i don't think so... 
and what is with her always sticking her leg out?!
so, in summary, the dress... gorgeous!
the wearer of the dress? 
needs to gain about 15 pounds to look better and healthier, in my not so humble opinion.

michelle williams...
dawson creek, man!
i loved that show back in the day!
she's come a long way since the mid 90's, huh?
she looked stunning last night and this louis vuitton tiered dress did not disappoint.
the color is incredible.
coral? yes please!
i could do without the little waist skirt... but it's sorta cute.
my fav however, the wave like patterns on the skirt.
i just want to touch the bottom and feel that fabric!
what i don't like? the pink purse.
just didn't go with the feel of the dress.
but that's just me.
natalie portman.
she is one of the prettiest, in my opinion.
i love that she's gorgeous, and also incredibly smart (doesn't she have an incredibly high IQ?).
the dress is alright, i guess.
but nothing spectacular.
to me it just looks like a 'prom' dress you could buy in the junior section at JCPenny.
maybe she was just trying not to outshine the best actress nominees of this year?
not sure, but i think she could have done better.
face, hair and jewels though?  beautiful.
and i love her manicure!
(on a side note, did anyone else notice she always seemed to be covering her abdomen area... 
either with her clutch or the envelope?  maybe preggers again?
or was it announced already and i'm just clueless?!?  ha ha ha!)

and this was me... last night...

enjoying my big old bowl of popcorn and a beer...
because, let's face it, i'm never gonna look like those hollywood girls...
so i might as well indulge, right?
hope you all had fun if you watched... and if you didn't, it was probably time better spent! ;)

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