Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a week late...

did you know it's lent season?
my heart has been tugging at me for a week now.
i didn't grow up observing lent.
i always thought it was just for catholics.
but it seems lent has been popping up in evangelical churches the past decade or so.
i, for one, think it's really great.
depriving yourself of something to focus more on God.
sign me up... sounds simple enough, right?
but here's the thing... it's not supposed to be easy.
it's supposed to be tough.
i've given up chips and sweets before, which i thought was really hard.
but really... i just found another vice to fill my stomach with.
what keeps me from connecting with my God.
this mad beast...
if you don't get it...
it's the blasted computer.
blogs, facebooking, pinterest, randomness...
it's all so addicting.
and i get easily wrapped up in the computer and all it's time wasting entities.
so... i'm taking a break.
from blogs and facebook, specifically.
because i will admit that i have issues with being slightly obsessed.
all this to say... sayonara!
i'll be back come mid-april.


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Pamichen said...

good on ya sista! I guess I shall call phone is not receiving calls...only outgoing! kind of nice, actually. ;o) xoxoxox