Tuesday, February 21, 2012

snow wonder there's no school!

yeah, i'm pretty funny... snow wonder?
ok, i know... lame-o.
we got a lovely snow day given to us today.
it's warm out... and we got a dumping.
the most we've gotten this season.
it's gorgeous outside and when i told my girls there was no school today...
they squealed in delight!
they already had yesterday off... and they have friday off.
talk about an easy week for them, huh?
me, on the other hand...
just kidding!

ok, i gotta admit... snow days are pretty fun.
a cozy warm house with nowhere to go?
we'll be doing a lot of this today...
cuddling in bed...

chillin' on the couch and watching a movie, perhaps...
and a lot of outdoor time... 
concluding with piles of wet outerwear, clogging up the back entrance.
anyway, my living room is calling... there's already a fort making party in process.
my skills are being summoned.
looking forward to today, even though i'll be cleaning and tidying more!
happy snow day! 

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