Wednesday, February 22, 2012

raw cheeks

ok, gross, i know...
but the insides of my cheeks are so totally raw.
it's from these babies...
ohhhhh... SOOOOO good!
i'm seriously obsessed.
these thick cut sour cream and dill chips are the best chips EVAH!
they are so flavourful and yummy!
and if you live in canada near a superstore (or grocer that sells PC brand) then pick some up.
i'm embarrassed to say that every time i grocery shop, i pick up like 3 bags.
ok, i'm not embarrassed to say that.
i'm embarrassed to say that i finish 3 big bags a week.
ok, now i'm cringing (as are you... i know it).
so, i just thought i'd share...
raw cheeks and all.
now i'm going out for a run to burn the calories off from these puppies.
that is all!

1 comment:

Elissa said...

I'm going to go get some-- like today :)

Oh, and I was going to say that we're not staying in Vernazza-- wish we could. It was actually very very difficult to find a place to say in one of the 5 towns-- we booked a bit late and we're going over spring break :) So, we are actually staying at a hotel in Levanto-- a few people we know ended up staying there so we figured it was a decent alternative! Will let you know what we find out about Vernazza when we go!