Wednesday, November 12, 2008

costco -- a.k.a. the money sucking black hole store

oh yes... costco. aisles and aisles of brand name merchandise at substantially lower prices. i was there today and what was supposed to be a trip in and out, just to look for twin beds, turned out to be purchasing over $200 in stuff. and i only bought like 6 items! actually, i'm surprised it wasn't near the $500 mark. i had to put things back as we waited in line. you know how it is. you find the line with the people with the least amount of stuff in their carts, hoping it'll go quicker than the line next to it with only 2 carts but they are filled TO THE MAX with crap. and what makes shopping at costco even worse is the food testing tables. not like those people are enjoying their jobs (jeez... could they smile a little?) but they are handing out free food to 'taste test'. how do you say no to $20 worth of healthy fruit leathers? ("2/3's of your daily serving of fruit/veggies in 1 bar!!") or how 'bout the $10 jar of spicy pickled beans? or the monster 50 gallon bottle of sweet chili sauce? well, i said no to only one of those. can you guess which one? ;) on the bright side, i did pick up a few christmas gifts. and the girls had some singing, banjo-plucking santas in the cart to amuse themselves. oh costco... the place where dreams come true. you know, because you can find everything you could ever need, EVER! like the big mother frying pan, the pack of a thousand ball point pens, the holiday lindt chocolate truffle balls (only 350 in a package), and for fashionistas like myself, the highwaisted, light-wash kirkland brand jeans. very nice! why is it that i only go to costco once a year again?

oh yeah... the bill afterward.

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