Monday, November 3, 2008

pondering stuff

so, i decided to start my own blog. i've been inspired, you could say, to put down in words my daily life. i'm not exactly sure if i'll be the only person reading this or not, but that's besides the point. the point is to find the joy in the simple things of life. joy, being my middle name, is the perfect word to use. s & t meaning stephanie and thiessen. my first and last names. however, you can decide for yourself on what particular day whether you want S & T to mean my names, or any other noun/adjective, etc. if you're reading my blog, beware... i am horribly bad at grammar. i happen to just write and write and not think about my basic 'english' writing skills. perhaps that's why i got an almost failing mark on my grade 9 english exam. ouch! sorry mr. knelsen! i think drama was more my game. so... here goes my journey into blogdom. i know there are countless others before me who i've looked up to, so to say. let's hope not to disappoint!

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