Monday, November 17, 2008

the season of white

guess what i'm listening to?
yup... christmas music. and yup... country christmas music! ;) i had started out listening to my frank sinatra christmas album and then kaia said she wanted the one with the guy who sang jingle bells with the picture of him sitting in snow. little does she know he's actually sitting on a white sandy beach. which is exactly where i'd like to be now... or anytime in the next 4 months. i'm trying, trying REALLY hard to convine mike that we need to go south this winter. you know, wait 'til a week before we want to go and get a cheap last minute deal. i think it might work. however i think the big M has unrealistic expectations about how much $ we need for a half decent vacay. i know i don't want to go anywhere that isn't at least 4 stars. any less and i'm scared the suite next to us might charge by the hour. yikes! and i'm not sure where to we'll go. mexico? domincan? cuba? those are the least expensive options, i suppose. friends of ours are heading to the mayan riveria in january. man, i'm ultra jealous. i think the mayan might be out of our 'last minute, cheap trip' price range though. maybe we'll just make the 35 hour drive to chihauhau. that might be a good time. chillin' with the mexican mennos. drinking yarbe tea. oh wait... those are the paraguay mennos, right? so, stayed tuned to see if we'll actually head south or not.
in the meantime, we'll be playing in the snow with the girls, eating homey food from the slow cooker and relaxing in front of the fireplace. although that sounds pretty good for winter too.

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