Thursday, November 13, 2008

Look what the big M got me!

take a look at these pretty flowers that mike brought home for me last night! aren't they beeeyootiful? it was one of those 'just because' times. i love those times! they make me feel so special and loved. everyone needs that once in a while. it doesn't matter if they are simple daisies plucked from a field or an extravagant bouquet/arrangement of the most expensive flora and fauna, a girl needs to feel appreciated once in a while with some flowers. it just makes us feel good inside.

and with some flowers, i decided to put my tv watching skills to good use. yesterday on "America's Next Top Model" (or ANTM as it'll be referred to from now on) the girls were taught how to 'sell' a product without words. one such item they were attempting to sell was a huge pail full of pickled herring. mmmm! i'm sure it smellt divine. so, i did the same pose except replacing the bucket of dead fish with my vase of fresh flowers. what do you think? modelesque or what? ;)

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