Saturday, November 8, 2008

easter, among other things

we're always trying to think of new and exciting games to play with the girls. when all of a sudden, some amazing and clear thought pops into our heads.

this one was my idea, with a little help from kaia. easter egg hunting! she pulled out her cute pottery barn easter basket and wanted to hunt. then i remembered that we have little plastic eggs. so away we went! this has been keeping the girls occupied for a good 3 days now.

this morning's hunt must have been especially rousing because after we breaked for breakfast, something really awesome happened. *insert gagging eye rolling smilie here* kaia had been complaining about not eating her toast this morning (not a normal occurance) but i just chalked it up to her not wanting to sit at the table. i was cleaning out the dishwasher when i look over and saw kaia proceed to throw up... ALL over the floor (not the carpet, thank goodness), chair and table. it was like slow motion. my hands cupped could not reach her in time. on a side note: why is that a mom's first reaction anyways? who thought up that one? "ok, when we see our child puke, let's put our hands out and catch it all neatly in our palms." yup, because there's always just a teaspoon amount that can be neatly kept in the cup of our hands. um, i think not. ok, back to the story. mmmm... grey goopy stuff and a few little pieces of toast with jam on it. great start to the morning. poor girl... poor mom. you know how it always goes. trying not to vomit yourself as you clean up the puke. good times. if all those boys who i had crushes on junior high could see me now! i'm a stellar puke cleaner uppper. let me tell you. the paper towel was a flyin', the clorox wipes were out faster than you can say, "acid reflux". the floor was cleaned, the chair and table wiped down and my little (big) girl was thrown into the tub. now she's savouring the premium plus soda crackers like there's no tomorrow... and little kaybrie is finishing off the toast. ;) isn't it great when sisters share? let's hope kaybrie doesn't puke in a few hours time. sigh... then it's mike's turn. dang it! why didn't i sleep in this morning?!

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