Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To MO or not to MO...

so, apparently this is the month of movember. yup, you heard me right... MOvember. november has disappered from our calendar at home. in the month of movember, you're supposed to grow and keep a moustache, all month long (men, that is). let me repeat that again... GROW and KEEP a moustache ALL month long!!! and guess who's decided to join in the ralley? you guessed it. my significant other, my spouse, my husband, mike. actually, it's a very clever scheme that creates awareness around men's health issues and raises funds for prostate cancer research. but i just don't 'dig' my husband with a stache. ewww! does anyone 'dig' moustaches. ok, sexy men with staches. can anyone think of any besides the cunning and super sauve Tom Selleck? i'm thinking not. not burt reynolds. not alex trebek. not dr. phil. certainly NOT ben stiller in dodgball. and most definitely not this guy. my uncle has had a moustache, i think, since he was able to grow one. he's never been without. i wonder what makes a man feel like they need the upper lip hair? whatever the case, the month of movember will be the ONE and only time my man will have a moustache. on december 1st, i will watch him shave it all off! and then, i suppose, i can borrow his razor and shave my legs. you see, i'm having my own contest to not shave for a month. ha ha! a little payback never hurt anyone, has it?

for more in depth and actual information about the fundraising efforts behind this 'movember' fun, check out their website here.

and, for fun... a little pic of mike while he was shaving a chin strap one day a few months back.
ladies, back up... step away. he's MY mo-man! (honestly, i'm shuddering looking at that facial hair)

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